Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Climate Action Week 2019

Climate Action Week
Climate Action Week was on from October 14th – 20th and each class in the school carried out activities each day to learn all about climate change and its effects. 4th Class researched, designed and illustrated a book about Climate Change on ‘Book Creator’ on the iPads. We also wrote acrostic poems. 5th and 6th Class worked in groups to create topic projects.
We made posters on the theme of Climate Change. The Green Schools Committee organised a Climate Action Day on Friday 18th . We dressed up in blue and green as a symbol of earth.

 We had a ‘Zero Power Hour from 1 – 2 pm. Teachers were asked to turn off all power so that teaching and learning became ‘unplugged’. We will be carrying out more activities throughout the year as part of our Green Schools theme Biodiversity – Energy. The pupils of Scoil Mhuire have an urgent message to tell everyone. Watch the video below to hear their message. Let us be the change for the future. There is no Planet B.

                                         'Stop Climate Change. Save Our World!'