Monday, 8 February 2016

Senior Infants News


Signs of Spring

We were discussing signs of Spring and focused on things we smell, see, feel and things we hear in spring.  The children drew beautiful pictures of baby lambs, chicks and calves.  There were lots of pictures of trees with bright new buds and bright, yellow daffodils.  Lots of children drew themselves with big smiles as they feel happy to be moving into this new season where the days get brighter and longer!


The Story of 10

In Senior Infants we are busy learning about the story of 10.  We played a game matching our number bonds that add to ten.  We each had a 'post it' on our jumper with a number from 0 - 10 and jogged around the hall and when teacher called out "the number 10 shark is coming" we had to quickly find our partner.  We had great fun learning all about the story of 10!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Junior Infants February News

Junior Infant February News

This month, we are learning all about Spring! We have been talking about different signs of spring, animals and mini beasts that we might see at Springtime and also Spring weather.


In our maths, we are learning all about time. First, we srquenced pictures from nursery rhymes and stories in order, talking about what happens first, second, third and last. Then, we sequenced different activities in order such as brushing your teeth and making a sandwich. We even made Jam sandwiches in school to show the step by step sequence! It was lots of fun.  We then started to learn about day and night and sequence different parts of the day in order.


Our learning theme this fortnight is 'Spring' so we have been learning alot about signs of Spring. In our science, we are learning all about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly. We read a story, watched a clip and made our own paper plate life cycle charts. 


All of our Aistear activities this fortnight are also based around the topic of Spring. We are having lots of fun at the different activity stations. 

At our creative station, we have been making spring lambs and birds in their nests. 

Our socio-dramatic play area for this fortnight is the Garden Centre. We have been enjoying buying some flowers, planting seeds and taking care of all of the plants. 

We have been making lots of spring animals and mini beasts at our playdough station.

We are exploring lots of different spring topic words at our language station. We played I spy, 20 questions and Bingo this week. We even practiced sounding out and writing some Spring words.