Friday, 10 February 2017

10 @ 10 in Ms Ormiston's class

We took part in 10 @ 10 this morning in school as part of Operation Transformation's 10th anniversary. In 1st class we set up 5 stations and spent 1 minute at each station and then repeated the circuit.  We had great fun and love keeping fit! We even asked teacher could we do more so we did 20 @ 10!! :)
Skipping Station



Leg Skips


First Class Chinese New Year

We were busy learning about China and Chinese New Year in first class.  We cooked dumplings, noodles and egg fried rice and tried to eat them with chopsticks.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Junior and Senior Infants January News

Junior and Senior Infants January News

Over the month of January we learned lots about Sports and Exercise and all about families. For the first fortnight, we learned about sports, exercise and hobbies and keeping healthy. We started our Operation Transformation Marathon challenge where we ran a lap of the school everyday. We also began our 'Mighty Mouth' programme in which we learned all about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. During the second fortnight of the month, our theme was all about 'Families'. We explored and discussed different types of families and talked about our own families. At the end of the month, as part of Catholic Schools week, we celebrated 'Grandparents Day'. We have completed lots of fun activities and initiatives this month. Here are some photos from some of our learning.

Sports and Exercise


During Irish, we learned about 'Caitheamh Aimsire'. We learned phrases, songs and poems all about hobbies and pastimes.


Our class story this fortnight was 'Old Bear'. We discussed and explored the story and completed a character profile about Old Bear. Then in history, we explored and investigated the difference between Old and New toys. We discussed games that people in the past and compared them to games we play now.

As part of Geography, we learned about places where different sports are played. We talked about our favourite sports and where we like to play them. In history, we explored and compared old and new toys and games of the past. As part of our science, we investigated the forces of pushing and pulling.

As we were learning about keeping fit and healthy, we learned all about different feelings and how to deal with them in S.P.H.E. We talked about things that make us feel happy, things that cheer us up when we are sad and what to do when we feel angry. We read a story 'A huge bag of Worries' and we talked about how to deal with things that are worrying us. We also explored the importance of kind and positive words.


Socio dramatic Role play area

Construction play - building sports stadiums

Creative play - creating sports jerseys

Language play - Making jigsaws



We learned all about 'An Chlann' during our Irish lessons. We learned words, phrases, songs and poems about people in our family. Then, we learned the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Irish 'Cinnín Óir agus na Trí Bhéar'. We listened to the story, dramatized the story with puppets and in groups and we sequenced the story. It was great fun. Bhain gach duine taitneamh as.


In maths, we learned all about Shape and Space. We learned about 3D shapes and directions. We completed lots of activities such as sorting 3D shapes, finding 3D shapes in our environment, matching 3D shapes and stacking and rolling 3D shapes. Some boys and girls brought in 3D shapes that they found from home.

We explored different directions and played different games where we had to call out instructions to our partners. We all worked really well together.


For our history, we learned about our family trees and the different members of our families. We showed pictures of our families to our class mates and talked about the different people in our families. In geography, we talked about our Community and communities that we belong to that make up a bigger family. For science, we worked hard completing our Mighty Mouth activities.  Here are some photos of us discussing our family photos and showing them to our classmates.

Mighty Mouth


Socio damatic role play - a family outing to the Aistear Village!

Language play - Happy Families Card game

Physical play - Playdough families

Creative play - drawing and printing

Small Word play area