Tuesday, 13 December 2016

December Assembly

December Assembly

Last friday, we gathered together in the hall for our Assembly. As we were celebrating Mad Hair Day, we got a chance to see all of the very creative hair styles. We participated in Mad hair day in school  to raise money for the Society of Missionary children to support the Badjao Tribe in the Philippines. Following this, class awards were presented to various pupils from each class. Well done to all the award winners and keep up the hard work!

Class award winners

Irish awards

Friendship team awards

Birthday awards

November News from Junior and Senior Infants

November News

This month, we were very busy learning lots about the topics of Homes and Winter. We also took part in fun events at school such as Gaeilge 24 and Science week. 

Houses and Homes

During the first fortnight, we learned about different types of houses and homes and what materials they might be made out of. We learned lots of Irish words and songs about rooms in our house and in maths, we learned all about 2D shapes that you can find all around us. We learned a song about a wise man who built his house on the rock and a foolish man who built his house upon the sand! Our SPHE was all about belonging to a home and we completed lots of fun Aistear activities based on the topic of homes. 

Aistear based on theme of houses and homes

We built houses and homes using wooden blocks as part of constructive play

We created houses that grew, while developing our drawing skills as part of creative play.

We took part in role - play in the home corner as part of socio-dramatic play.

For our small world play this fortnight, we played with the doll house and car mat.

As part of oral language and physical play, we found different pictures in the sand and sorted them into the rooms in the house in which you would find them. We really enjoyed this activity station. We also played games such as 'I am looking for something that....' and 'I spy with my little eye'


In maths, we learned all about 2D shapes. We played lots of sorting activities, describing games and interactive activities based on shapes. We even made our own shapes using straws and lollipop sticks. Here are some pictures. 


During the second fortnight, we learned all about Winter. We talked about the signs of winter and what clothes we need to wear during winter times. In Irish, we learnd lots of songs, poems and words based on 'An Aimsir'. Our big book for this fortnight was 'The Gruffalo's Child'. In our maths, Junior Infnats learned all about the number 2 while senior infants learned all about the number 7. We began practising our songs for the Christmas Carol service, singing 'Winter Wonderland' as one of our music songs. In SPHE, we talked about ways in which we are all special and unique, just like snowflakes. Our Aistear was based all around the topic of Winter. 

Aistear based on theme of Winter

During Language play, children participated in a matching pairs games, bingo and I spy. Bingo was very popular this fortnight!

In socio dramatic play this fortnight, children participated in role-play activities at the Winter Wonderland clothes shop. 

Children participated in Winter Playdough activities as part of the Physical play activity station. During the second week of winter activities, children made some Winter theme based jigsaws. They worked really well in their teams to make some great jigsaws!

At our creative station this fortnight, we made some winter wollies the first week and then created some Polar bears and Penguins the second week. 

At our Winter wonderland small world station, children had lots of fun playing with the winter characters in the snow, aswell as writing some winter words. 


 In science this fortnight, we learned all about hot and cold. We discussed things that are hot and things that are cold and we completed a sorting activity where we had to put all of the hot items into one group and the cold items into another group.

We also explored what happens when items are heated and cooled. We explored what happens when jelly is heated. We discovered that it melts! When we cooled this, we made jelly. 

Gaeilge 24 

Bhí lá spraoi iontach againn le haghaidh lá gaeilge 24 an mhí seo. Ar maidin, d'imríomar a lán cluichí teanga sa rang. D'imríomar cluiche i gciorcal,  cluiche kim, cluiche cuimhne, cluiche mím, biongó agus cad atá sa mhála. Roimh an sos, tháinig páistí ón rang a trí agus a ceathar go dtí an seomra chun leabhair a léamh linn. Bhí sé sin ar fheabhas! Tar éis an sos, rinneamar píosa ealaín le chéile agus tar éis sin, bhí tionól againn sa halla. Rinneamar Aistear trí ghaeilge freisin. Lá iontach ab ea é.

Leabhair Gaeilge Linn!! :)

Science Week

As part of science week activities, we watched short clips about the sun and moon in a planetarium. We were so excited to see what it would be like inside. It was great fun!

As we were learning about electricity in science, we completed some experiements about static electricity. 

Friday, 9 December 2016

Mad Hair Day

We celebrated Mad Hair Day in school today to raise money for the Society of Missionary children to support the Badjao Tribe in the Philippines.  Check out our cool hair styles!!!