Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Junior Infants May News

Junior Infants May News

This month we learned lots about our themes of 'Water' and 'Summer'. We had lots of fun completing different activities, listening to stories and playing with water and sand. You can see some pictures of some of the activities that we did below. This month, we finished our Literacy Lift Off  English stations. Everybody made great progress with reading. We also started swimming lessons on Fridays in school. 

We learned all about water

In Aistear this fortnight we had lots of fun playing in our aquarium. At the creative station we had fun making bubble prints and water spraying fabric and fibre. At the oral language station, we played fun games all about water safety while at the physical play station, we made sea creatures using playdough.


In maths we learned all about capacity. We explored items that were full and empty. We completed lots of tasks, interactive games and activities based on capacity. It great fun!


In geography we learned all about places that you would find water and how to keep water and environment clean. We learned all about going to the Swimming pool and Barnaby bears trip to Kells swimming pool. We did floating and sinking experiments in science and sequenced the story of The Rainbow Fish in history. 

English - Literacy Lift Off!

This month, we completed our Literacy Lift Off english stations. We worked really hard with teacher and Mrs Ward at various activity stations and made great progress with our reading. We loved working at the writing station, listening station, phonics and word station and reading station. We even got certificates at the end f Literacy Lift off because we worked so hard. 

We are learning all about Summer

This fortnight, we have been learning all about Summer. We are reading the big book 'The Snail and the Whale' in English aswell as revising all of our sounds and tricky words. In maths, we are learning how to combine numbers while in Irish we are revising topics that we covered throughout the year. In geography, we are exploring signs of summer and learning all abotu Sun Safety in Science. In religion, we are thanking God for all of the happy times that we have at Summer while in SPHE we have begun learning all about our feelings during circle time.

Here are some pictures of us playing at the beach as part of our Summer Aistear activities.


Monday, 30 May 2016

Junior Infants April News

This month we learned all about 'People Who Help Us' and 'The farm'. We learned a lot about how nurses, doctors, fire fighters, police officers, vets, paramedics, teachers and lots of other people can help us. Following on from this, we learned all about the farm and the work of a farmer. It was lots of fun! 

People Who Help Us

At the socio-dramatic station we have been very busy helping each other, by being Vets, Police Officers and Shop keepers in the Aistear Village.

At the creative arts station we painted and used lots of fabrics and fibres to make a picture of who we would like to be when we grow up. We are going to be very helpful people by being police officers, farmers, fire fighters and waitresses.

At the construction station we built fire stations, police stations, hospitals and schools for us to work in when we grow up. At the language station we talked about how we would solve problems by being a fire fighter, police office, paramedic and builder. We learned about who we would call if we needed help.

SPHE - Road Safety!

We also learned about the rules of the road. We explored people who help us to cross the road safely. We learned that we only cross the road with an adult and if we see a Zebra crossing we wait until it is safe to cross.

We had lots of fun leanring about Éadaí in Irish. We played lots of games identifying words like geansaí, sciorta, bríste, hata agus léine.

We learned the sounds 'ar' and 'er' through lots of fun games and we practised writing the sound in sand, paint and using cars on a track.

On the Farm

At the socio-dramatic station we were very busy on the farm where we cared for animals and made some bread.

At the creative arts station we made our own farm animals using lots of fabrics and fibres. We made pigs, chickens, cows and dogs.

At the small world area we created our own farm using toy animals, tractors and sheds.

At the oral language and physical station we discussed things on the farm and cut out our own farmyard.

In geography, we developed our mapping skills as we drew our pwn farmyard maps. In science, we learned about lots of different animals and their young. We spent lots of time out in the fresh air matching pictures of baby animals to their mothers.

We also had two very special visitors in our class. Farmer Tom and his calf Daisy came to our school to say hello and some lucky children had the chance to bottle feed her.

We were very busy ordering numbers at different stations.

Thank you to Ms. Govern for all of the help this month. We had a super time completing fun activities together. It was really great :)