Wednesday, 1 June 2016

5th and 6th Class News


Tag Rugby

Over the months of February and March we had great fun playing tag rugby. Tag rugby is a sport to get people active and running around. Unlike normal rugby which is played over the winter months as the ground is soft and won’t hurt as much if you are tackled, tag rugby is played during the summer months so the ground is easier to run on. And we thank the North Meath Rugby Club for showing the proper way to play this amazing game. 


5th and 6th class from Moynalty, Maio and Ughtyneill all made their Confirmation on the 28th of April in the Church of the Assumption and were all confirmed by Bishop Smith. 5th and 6th class were working very hard for preparing for the Confirmation; we learned all of our prayers for mass and Bishop Smith said that we all did a brilliant job, also the Bishop thought that our art work was beautiful.
By James Murray


The children from 4th, 5th and 6th have been participating in the North Meath Basketball League. We have played three matches so far and it has been lots of fun! The boys won two matches and drew one. The girls won two matches and lost one. So far we have played Bohermeen, St Oliver’s and Robinstown. We are having a great time and we can’t wait for the rest of the season! Thank you Ms O’Boyle for being a great coach!!!


In school, we had a mini spelling competition to see who would be the Moynalty candidate for the
 Eason’s Spelling Bee 2016. A great tension hung in the air as we did the spelling competition in school. It
was a game of knock-out spelling. Soon, there were only two competitors left standing: Jamie and Patrick.
Surprisingly, it took a while for someone to get it wrong, but in the end we had a winner. It was Jamie, me!
It was held in Ratoath, which is about three quarters of an hour from the school. The event was in a big
multi-storey primary school. They served free biscuits and tea for the spellers and the spectators. There was a
stage with rows of chairs for the spellers to sit on. I was very nervous, but I tried my best. I came tenth out
of 36 other students. It was a great experience!!

Mary Poppins

On Thursday the 19th of May, we went to see Mary Poppins in Kells. Dylan was in the show and he played Michael Banks. The show was very good as there were quite young children in it. There were other local schools in attendance. The theatre group was called Kells Theatre School. There were over sixty young children in the performance. The show lasted for about two hours. When we came back we did reviews on the show, most people rated it a five out of five. Overall everyone enjoyed the show and we had a great day.
By Rebecca McMullan.

Lino fish

This month we learned about fish and in addition to our normal project, we made lino fish. We drew our chosen fish out on a blank page and afterwards drew them onto the lino. We had to go over the drawing with pen a few times to make sure we got it deep into the lino for a good result. We began using the blades to cut out our fish drawing; we had to be very careful! Once the fish were cut out, we covered the lino fish in ink with a roller and printed it onto the page. We got great results and it was a really enjoyable activity!


On the 24th of May we went on a river visit with Inland Fisheries Ireland to the Borora River. During our visit we met Fionnuala and Gerry. They showed us how to properly catch fish and protect them. They also had a ghostbusters like backpack which was called the electro fishing backpack, it shocks the water and gives the fish a tickle for two seconds which helps them catch the fish. They caught some small fish from the river and put them in trays so we could see them in more detail. Colm tried on a life jacket that automatically inflates when you hit the water. Fionnuala also dissected a brown trout (it was very disgusting!) Overall it was a brilliant day and a lot of fun. Thank you Inland Fisheries Ireland.   
By Patrick Lacey


Butterfly Projects

For science we are doing butterfly projects. We have learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and how it changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Then we picked a butterfly each to research and to do a mini project about that butterfly.
By Taylor Smith