Monday, 24 September 2018


We have started Aistear in Junior Infants.  Senior Infants join us while we do it.
We are learning all about School this fortnight so the first thing we do every day after break is sing a song about school called ‘This is the way we go to School’.  Then we get into our groups and go to our different stations.  
There are 5 stations so we get to go to a different station every day.  There is an Art Station, an Oral Language Station, a Fine Motor Station, an SESE Station and a Role Play Area.  
We are really enjoying Aistear and look forward to it every day!

                      This is our Aistear rota so we know which station each group is going to.  
        Ms Ormiston moves the activities around the colour wheel each day after we sing our song.

              This is our Art Station with Patricia where we cut out different shapes and glued them                                          onto a large sheet of paper to make a school.

 This is our Fine Motor Station where we used play dough to make things on the mats.  We had to make lots of things related to school: a school bus; a teacher for the classroom; a healthy lunch to put in the lunchbox; pencils for the pencil case; some things you would put in a school bag.

    This is our Oral Language Station where we have lots of fun playing language games with 
         Ms Tinnelly. We discuss posters about school, play School Bingo, Name 5 things and 
                                                       lots of other games.

               This is our Role Play Area where we had lots of fun pretending to be the teacher,                                        playing in the sand or making patterns on the board.

      This is our SESE station where we work with Ms Ormiston doing History, Geography and Science work.  For History we discussed starting school for Junior Infants and coming back to school for Senior Infants and the changes that occur as we grow and move to different classes.  We learned about all the different rooms in our school and their purposes for Geography.  We discussed different materials you would use to build our school or the materials used to make different items in our classroom for Science. 

Friday, 7 September 2018

Best of Luck Meath Ladies!

Meath Ladies have reached the Intermediate All-Ireland Football Final. We were very busy in Seomra 2 creating artwork to show the team our support.

A past pupil of Scoil Mhuire Moynalty; Marion Farrelly will be proudly lining out on Sunday next (September 16th) in Croke Park for this important game.

Our teacher's club team mate Orlaith Duff will also line out for the Royals. Many of us met both Orlaith and Marion at the GAA Cúl Camps this Summer where they passed on their knowledge and skills as Cúl Camp Coaches.

These players have inspired some of the boys and girls in Seomra 2 to practise their skills and participate in GAA.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team on reaching the Final and wish them the very best of luck!


Seomra 2 - Back together again

Ms. Rafferty welcomed back the senior infant and first class pupils on Wednesday last. There was a great sense of excitement as we heard all about the fun things everyone got up to over the Summer holidays.

We are looking forward to sharing lots of our news and work on the blog this year.

Here is our friendship tree, we made the leaves using our hand prints.
We remember that we belong together and we celebrate being back to school and being together again!

Junior Infants PE fun

We had great fun in PE today playing Parachute games and Cat and Mouse.  Some of us were very fast and 3 of us managed not to get caught by Tom Cat!

Junior Infants GoNoodle

We are loving GoNoodle in Junior Infants.  It is such a great way to integrate movement and mindfulness throughout the day when our brains need a break! The Zumba is brilliant and we love the Think About It activities too.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Junior Infants First Day

We had great fun on our first day in school! 
We played with pegboards and made some pretty patterns.  Some of us played with the wonderful wooden doll house and some others made colourful patterns by joining camels together.  We loved making and building things with lego too!  Some of us were busy working as carpenters with the tool bench and others enjoyed racing cars on the mat.  
We also painted our hands and made some beautiful hand prints to put with poems for our Mammy’s and Daddy’s.   Teacher was really impressed with how good we were and we even helped tidy up after ourselves!  We really love school!!