Thursday, 19 October 2017

A Great Start!
We are delighted to be back in 3rd and 4th class with Ms Clarke. We have had so much fun over the last few weeks! Read our blog to see what we have been learning about.

In English this term, we are reading the novel "The BFG" by Roald Dahl. We love reading about Sophie and her amazing adventures with The BFG. We especially love the descriptions of the other terrible giants. For Roald Dahl day, we made our own BFG cut out character and we wrote about our favourite part of the story, drew our favourite character and wrote our own potions for a dream jar.

Hurling skills
In PE we have started hurling skills. Thanks to Padraic from Meath Coaching and Games for coming in every Thursday to coach us. We are having a great time learning new skills!

In science we have been learning about the two types of electricity - current and static. We had great fun trying out different experiments when learning about static electricity. We could move pieces of paper by "charging" up our pens with positive ions! We used a balloon to pick up rice krispies. We then had great fun using the balloon to create whacky hairstyles!

We tried to move the flow of water with our charged up pens. It was amazing to see the water move towards the pen!

Meet the fish, eat the fish.
On Wednesday 18th October we had two special visitors to our school. Pauric and Irene White from the Forge Restaurant came to introduce us to many different types of fish. We also got to feel the fish and we were surprised at how smooth the fish were.  We then learned the process of fish finger making. First we covered slices of salmon with flour. Next we dipped this in egg wash. Finally we covered this in breadcrumbs. Then Irene fried the fish fingers using rapeseed oil from Slane.  The smell was lovely and the fish fingers were delicious - the nicest fish fingers that we have ever tasted!

We also learned how to make brown bread. We learned what ingredients to use and where these ingredients came from. We were delighted to taste the brown bread when it was baked. The smell in the classroom was lovely. We enjoyed delicious brown bread smothered in jam!

Maths Week in First Class

We are having great fun for Maths Week doing different maths stations; making patterns with peg boards and Jegro Patterns, standing on the correct answer on the Dance Mat and matching activities. We also have no written homework this week - instead we have Maths Games and Maths Quizzes.  We are really excited about our Maths trail tomorrow!