Monday, 28 November 2016

November Assembly

November Assembly

On 25th November, we had special visitors from St. Vincent de Paul speaking to us during our assembly. Pupils from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class presented them with a cheque for three hundred euro which they had raised from their cake sale just before the Halloween break. Well done to all the boys and girls and their teachers Ms. Tinnelly and Ms. Owens for all of their hard work raising money for a very worthy cause. Following this, various children from each class received class awards, birthday awards and friendship team awards. Congrats to all and keep up the hard work!

Visitors from St. Vincent de Paul

Class award winners

Irish awards

Friendship team awards 

These awards were presented by co-ordinators Ella McEllin, Denise Holmes and Niamh McQuade.

Birthday awards

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

October News in Junior and Senior Infants

October News in Junior and Senior Infants

We had a very busy month in October, learning lots about Autumn and Halloween. We participated in lots of fun activities during 'Maths Week' and 'Friendship'. We had a special visitor come to talk to us about road safety and we also participated in the 'World's Largest Lesson' about Global Development. We learned all about Halloween, completing fun activities and games. We even dressed up for Mufti day at the end of the month. It was great fun!

Learning about Autumn

For the first two weeks, we learned all about Autumn. For SESE we explored the signs of Autumn in Geography, learned about Autumn Colours in Science and sequenced the story of We're going on a Bear Hunt as part of History. We made Autumn trees as part of Art activities by painting and printing using scrunched up newspaper and cotton buds. 

During S.P.H.E, we learned all about our senses. We explored and discussed our five senses and at the end, we completed an 'Autumn Senses' activity. Each table had an 'Autumn bag'. We used our senses to explore what we could see, touch and smell from the bag. We listed to some Autumn sounds. Following this, we completed a worksheet, recording something for each sense. 

 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'

Our big book for this fortnight was 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. We completed lots of activities in as part of our English, Drama, Geography and History lessons based on this story and had so much fun! We made our own Journey maps to plan our very own Bear Hunt. When we were ready to go, we put on our coats and went outside on our very own Bear Hunt. When we had finished, we looked around for signs of Autumn and collected them in our groups. 

Maths Week

As part of Maths Week, we completed lots of fun maths games and activities. As we were learning about Patterns, we did lots of hands on activities makign patterns using different resources such as cubes, counters and pictures. We also completed maths stations with different activities and games based on numbers and shapes. 

Friendship Week

Friendship week was a very enjoyable week when all made an extra special effort to be kind to our friends. We talked all about how to be good, kind friends. In assembly, we all gathered with the rest of the school to sing the song 'Count on Me' and we completed lessons based on Friendship. We talked about the 'Keys to Kindness' and drew pictures of ways in which we would try and be kind to our friends. One of our favourite things about Friendship Week was eating our lunch with our Lunch Buddies. Everyday, boys and girls from Fifth Class came up to our class to eat lunch with us. 

Halloween Learning 

During the second fortnight, we spent lots of time learning about Halloween and completing activities based on Halloween. Our Big Book for this fortnight was 'Room on The Broom'. We completed lots of tasks based on this. During S.E.S.E, we learned all about Day and Night in Geography, Shadows in Science and we sequenced the story of Room on The Broom as part of our History. We learned lots of Halloween songs and poems as Gaeilge also. During our finger gym activitiy groups, we completed some Halloween activities too. We really enjoyed it!

Halloween Masks 

Halloween Cutting and Sticking

Halloween Dramatic play area - Halloween Fancy Dress Shop

Making our Halloween Witches

Mufti Day Fancy Dress

We had lots of fun dressing up for Mufti Day!