Friday, 19 May 2017

Pyjama Day

To celebrate World Book Day, instead of dressing up as our favourite book character, we had a "Pyjama Day"! We wore our pyjama's and dressing gowns to school and brought in our teddies, blankets and favourite bedtime story to read with our friends.Even the teachers and Brenda wore their pyjama's too! It was the best day ever!! We had hot chocolate and cookies as we listened to a variety of storybooks. We wish that every day could be pyjama day!!

Grandparents Day

We recently celebrated Grandparents Day by inviting our Grannies and Granddad's to visit our school. We had lots of different activities in all of the classes. 

Junior and Senior Infants
We were delighted to have our Grandparents visit us at school. we played puzzles and games. we made beautiful cards for our grandparents and sang a song for them.

1st Class 
In 1st class we played card games and puzzles and we also showed our Grandparents how to use an ipad app!

2nd Class
2nd Class enjoyed entertaining our visitors with board games. We had a brilliant day!

 3rd & 4th Class
Our Grandparents taught us how to play card games. We really enjoyed learning to play a variety of games with cards! We also wrote acrostic poems for Granny and Grandad

 5th & 6th Class
We had a great time showing our Grandparents our projects on the ipads, playing chess and draughts and interviewing them about school long ago!