Friday, 20 November 2015

Third and Fourth Class News

   Welcome to Third and Fourth Class News     

Jolly Phonics Dictionary 
The jolly dictionary helps us to learn more words and their meanings. Teacher would put words on the board then we would find meaning of them. The jolly dictionary is an easy dictionary to help us with words. We sometimes use the dictionary on the iPads.  We use  the iPads for dictionary work because some words are not in the jolly phonics dictionary. 
We use the iPads and books to help us learn.

The dictionary helps us to learn new words.

Cycle Safety 
Two weeks ago we started a cycle safety programme. It will go on for six weeks. Our coaches name is Richie. He brings lots of bikes and helmets every Thursday. A girl in our class learned how to ride a bike for the first time. We all thought this was a great achievement. He taught us how to do a right and left turn and many more cool things.
Some of us even brought in our own bikes.

Our coach Richie showing Jane how to cycle.